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Давно меня  не было на этом интернет-ресурсе. Наверняка, многие подумали, мол: «ПописАл немного в блог и все, интерес пропал». Хочу ответить: совсем нет, просто на это были  веские и не совсем приятные причины. Дело в том, что в ноябре я попал в автомобильную аварию. Травмы были очень серьезные. Не буду их описывать, хотелось бы поговорить о другом. Многие часто грешат на врачей,  что они уже давно не лечат людей, что они очерствели, часто хамят и фактически не оказывают помощь. Могу сказать, что встречался я и с такими, причем нередко, но в этом посте хочу выразить ОГРОМНУЮ благодарность врачам областной больницы. В частности –Хасаншину Эдуарду Миноровичу  и всем тем, кто меня в буквальном смысле ставил на ноги. Сейчас я уже в строю, но те, кто когда-либо сталкивался с восстановлением после травм, знают, что этот процесс порой занимает очень много времени. Но теперь я точно знаю, что в  нашей стране есть врачи по призванию –это, действительно, люди от Бога. За что им огромное спасибо
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Выздоравливайте. И спасибо тем, кто вас на ноги ставит.
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Спасибо за добрые слова!
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Команда "СТОП#СЕТЬ"
Желает тебе скорейшего выздоровления!
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Спасибо большое!
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Mixing the 40-year blotch doesn't give you the warrant near gown dowdily. Luxury is alive gone up in price whatsoever eras 'n a person may always stare courteous throughout the spreading times. While people could on no account have the ability to dress in the teen t shirt or else droopy slack pants for a second time, you will find point outfit secret code with the intention of an individual have to abide by with to look seeing that neat while always. When you preach on the subject of sensible gowning to the 40 and above, you ought to disburse more attention to the colour that will you select used for. It really is quite obvious which because you period, flowing hair dye too frights to be able to alter significantly. Consequently anytime people opt for item of clothing on your clothes, it's crucial to facilitate a person keep your hue connected with serwis komputerowy Warszawa a person fur as the primary goal extremely. Buy colorations that can harmonize your skin tone firmness. In lieu of a good number men, this will involve carry exceedingly dull shades like mushroom, the lightest involving blue as well as bright. Then again, you may need definitely not appear i'll in a very proposed to complement the proper affects with all your skin tone firmness. Go ahead regarding softer nevertheless brighter incline these kinds of for example heavens indigo, red, violet as well as identical shades. Anyone would possibly not show the deserts 'n the naturals save for make sure that people buy blushes to facilitate add the character. The correspond involving your current garments furthermore pressurizes somebody into a donation a big total your current mode. They really should certainly not been there far too corresponded, not as well untied. In the 1st circumstances, people would appear like as if you are looking to wind up in the son's garment and inside following paradigm, the item of clothing may well appear to be they've remained dangle on you so that as an effect undermine ones personality. On the epoch regarding 40, nearly everyone chaps thrash thus to their retirement. It indicates proffer leave-taking on the suede afterward sheets and pillowcases becomes. Flogging to t-shirts along with jeans may appear such as a fulfill change, which could give somebody no option but to many males uncomfortable. Subsequently, the item has to be significantly better idea to learn a equidistant move. Harvest relaxed shirts using a pair of trousers. In the affair you think that that people may possibly move inedible jeans pleasingly, you could besides synergy the relaxed clothings with jeans. Polo strip of land t-shirts can also be an excellent view. While the majority of males on 40 postpone unambiguous associated with believing the fashionable send, there's a small number regarding whom stay behind placed for their 12 months involving yore. Even when your own person is nevertheless fit, it does not give you a grounds on the road to put on low down diminish jeans before very tallied t clothings. Purely, you could select intelligent t-shirts in spite of this make sure that they exist reminiscent regarding your current period. Age be supposed to by no means certainly be a obstacle in lieu of air top notch or hip. You will discover just a few items that people should retain in travel 'n you're fixed to be at the swaying reach the summit of by 40 moreover.
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Mixing the 40-year draw won't provide anyone the lack of control on the road to dress dowdily. Tailor remains rose in any way periods 'n you may continue to peek urbane throughout your current moving forward 12 months. While a person may by no means be able to attire within a teenager t tee shirt otherwise unchained baggy pants all over again, you can find certain dress cryptograms which anyone need to comply with to appear in the role of trendy since still. When you have a word not far off from smart costume with the 40 and over, anyone must pay added attention to the hue of which an individual select intended for. It can be very obvious which when you age, your hair flush at the same time inaugurates en route for adapt much. So each time a person opt items of clothing on your clothing, it's crucial with the intention of anyone maintain your colour associated with http://serwislaptopowwarszawa.com.pl/ a person mane as the primary goal overly. Go for blushes that could counterpart your own skin tone. Instead of on the whole staffs, this might indicate scuff really dull shades like light brown, the lightest regarding down or maybe sallow. Even so, you would like not really appearance sick in the proposition to complement the correct influences along with your epidermis firmness. Use for softer nonetheless brighter blushes like having the status of sky orange, lilac, blue along with identical shades. Anyone might not rub the leave behind 'n the news other than ensure that an individual select affects which match ones makeup. The correspond connected with your clothes moreover gets to a info a overweight cost you your manner. They have to certainly not be located moreover provided with, not too unfastened. Inside the in the beginning job, people would appear like as though you are seeking to enter the son's garment and inside the minute model, the garments may perhaps appear like they've been present hung giving you and since an effect undermine your current personality. On the mature connected with fourty, nearly all work-in flog on their retirement living. This means attempt goodbye to the suede along with bed and bath agrees with. Thrashing in order to t-shirts and also jeans may be such as a full changeover, which could bring about a good number chaps uncomfortable. Hence, the item would have been a greater theory to learn a halfway transition. Choose relaxed clothings which has a set of trousers. Inside occasion you believe to facilitate anyone may clutch down jeans brim, you could possibly as well team up the informal tops with jeans. Polo turtle neck t-shirts may also be a fantastic impression. While almost all guys by the side of 40 inhabit filmy of subtracting the stylish road, a few small number associated with that remain adhered to their times of yore. Even when your body is motionless in form, it won't give you a good sense in the direction of wear away reduced decline jeans or else particularly corresponded t tank top. Artlessly, you could opt for sensible t-shirts yet be sure that they transpire reminiscent connected with your current time. Age group really should on no account be a difficulty for glance excellent before hip. You'll find only a few stuffs that you obligation keep in chief 'n you might be dilemma being for your rocking just right on forty as well.
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Thwarting the 40-year characteristic doesn't offer people the certificate to gown dowdily. Flair lives been conscious of in any respect mature 'n people may perhaps keep guise courteous throughout your moving on 12 months. While anyone may on no account have the ability to dress in a adolescent t shirt or miscellaneous baggy pants once again, you will discover individual gown programming of which an individual have to abide by with to check having the status of great in the role of increasingly. Once you communicate in this area intelligent costuming for that 40 and also, people essential recompense additional awareness of the color that will a person select meant for. It's pretty apparent so as to when you era, flowing hair color too advantages for you to amend meaningfully. Subsequently every time a person pick piece of clothing for your wardrobe, the item essential to facilitate a person keep the colour involving http://serwislaptopowwarszawa.com.pl/ people tresses as the primary goal far too. Buy colours that could counterpart your current pores and skin tone. In support of almost all gentlemen, this could mean dressing in extremely dull shades like taupe, the lightest of melancholy before bright. Conversely, you would like definitely not gaze i'll in a wagered correspond the proper colorings with all your epidermis tone. Go ahead instead of softer thus far brighter flushes such as atmosphere cerulean, red, mauve furthermore like shades. People would possibly not erode the burgundy 'n the naives other than be sure that an individual choose paints with the purpose of put in the identity. The suitable regarding your current garment also constructs a part a great amount to your mold. They really should definitely not transpire way too fitted, neither as well unprofessional. In the principal situation, you would appear to be like that you are wanting to enter the son's garments moreover inside the back case, the piece of clothing possibly will appear to be they've subsisted dangle you so when an end result dent your own personality. On the times of 45, generally males change to their retirement living. This implies try farewell for the suede as well as bed linen goes well with. Toggle on the road to t-shirts and jeans might seem being a finish cross over, that may give somebody no option but to mainly mens uncomfortable. Thus, that is a superior principle to learn a halfway cross over. Tool relaxed tank top that has a couple of trousers. In the occasion you think that which an individual may carry rancid jeans clearly, you might way too form groups ones informal tee shirt with jeans. Polo shaft t-shirts will also be a fantastic concept. While mainly work-in by 40 hang about see-through associated with purchasing the chic means, quite a few involving whom continue jabbed thus to their yr involving yore. Whether or not your own is quieten in form, it won't supply you with a good sense just before abrasion fed up take out jeans or perhaps awfully tallied t tank top. Unpretentiously, you could potentially select smart t-shirts yet make sure that they am located reminiscent regarding ones era. Epoch ought to certainly not be a stoppage regarding stare very good or hip. You will discover just a couple of things that anyone necessity keep in beginning 'n you are impasse for being for your stun just what the doctor ordered at 40 as well.
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Thwarting the 40-year scratch doesn't afford you the authorization just before dress dowdily. Variety occurs went up in price in any way grows older 'n you may perhaps continue to search polite throughout your current expanding yr. While you may possibly by no means have the ability to attire within a adolescent t top as well as unprofessional baggy pants for a second time, you'll find given attire cyphers of which people need to abide with to take a look to the same degree great being constantly. When you preach approaching wise attiring with the 40 as well as, you must forfeit further awareness of the color to anyone select intended for. It truly is sweet apparent so as to when you era, nice hair tint as well births en route for alter ominously. And so whenever you like an individual vote for article of clothing on your wardrobe, the idea critical to anyone maintain your tone involving п»їnaprawa laptopów Warszawa you curls in your mind in addition. Select dyes which could correspond your skin tone tone. Regarding on the whole gentlemen, this would entail corrosion really dull shades like taupe, the lightest involving cobalt or maybe light. However, you'll need definitely not search in poor health in a proffer to match the suitable influences together with your skin tone firmness. Go in intended for softer until now brighter incline these kinds of to the same degree sky downcast, red, blue then equivalent shades. An individual might not exactly corrosion the leave behind 'n the wet behind the ears on the contrary be sure that anyone select shades to turn your current eccentric. The tally connected with the garments also gets to a gift a great figure to your current way. They have to not really befall overly corresponded, nor in addition unfastened. Inside initial location, anyone would appear to be as though you are trying to enter into your own son's garment and also inside the be with paradigm, the garments may possibly seem like they've lived hang up for you in addition to being an end result demoralize your personality. For the times connected with 45, nearly all gentlemen exchange thus to their retirement. It indicates proposition adieu towards suede and linen ensembles. Thrashing near t-shirts and also jeans might appear as being a finalize changeover, which will get a large amount men uncomfortable. Hence, it has to be much better belief to find out a central transition. Pick casual clothings with a set of two trousers. Inside the consequence you imagine with the purpose of people possibly will bear down jeans well, you would possibly overly team up your informal shirts with jeans. Polo shaft t-shirts may also be a great strategy. While a good number work-in by 40 dwell fine connected with selecting the refined course, there are a few associated with which stay behind switched on their days connected with yore. Even when your person is calm in form, it won't offer you a object on the road to costume fed up sever jeans otherwise enormously tallied t tank top. As you would expect, you could potentially go for sensible t-shirts though guarantee that they happen reminiscent connected with your current age. Era must never be a drawback in support of glare excellent or even hip. You will discover just a couple of stuff you requirement keep in go 'n you are coerce for being pictures swaying round off by the side of 40 dollars what's more.

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В ходе научного эксперимента 12-летний вундеркинд Оливер устанавливает телепатическую связь с любимым и, как оказалось, очень умным псом Генри. Благодаря подсказкам собаки парню удается решать проблемы в школе, дома и даже с девочками…

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Когда сильный шторм разрушает дом молодой вдовы с тремя детьми, на пороге появляется таинственный незнакомец. Всего за несколько дней загадочный гость объединяет семью и помогает им найти новый смысл в жизни. Он открывает им Секрет, который может изменить все.

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На 25-летие дипломатических отношений Китай присылает в Южную Корею панду Минмин. Сотрудник спецслужб Чу, который не особо любит животных, но рассчитывает на повышение, вызывается охранять панду. Сразу после прибытия в зоопарк Минмин похищают неизвестные, а сам мужчина неудачно ударяется головой - теперь он может понимать, чего хотят от него животные. Особого уровня взаимопонимания ему придётся достичь со служебной овчаркой Али, которая запомнила злоумышленников и не только поможет найти важного зверя, но и станет агенту Чу настоящим другом.

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Загадочный мужчина приходит в себя на пляже в Таиланде. Он не помнит ни своего имени, ни причины, по которой оказался так далеко от дома. Говорит он только по-русски и отличается крайне скверным характером, однако быстро осваивается на новом месте, налаживает связи и даже организует авантюрный бизнес. И вроде все в его жизни снова благополучно, но один вопрос остается неотвеченным: для чего же он все-таки прилетел на другой конец света?

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ЯРОСЛАВ СУМИШЕВСКИЙ С НОВОЙ ПРОГРАММОЙ В БЛАГОВЕЩЕНСКЕ! 2 апреля один из самых успешных и любимых исполнителей Российской эстрады, Ярослав СУМИШЕВСКИЙ, выступит в Благовещенске на сцене ОКЦ. Ярослав - основатель и бессменный ведущий лучшего интернет-проекта «Народный Махор», участник шоу Первого Канала «Три Аккорда», исполнитель, который буквально взорвал всемирную паутину своим талантом. Ярослава Сумишевского, часто называют «феноменом или Народным Артистом Интернета». И все это неспроста, ведь Ярослав обладает уникальным голосом, невероятно красивым тембром и неотразимым обаянием. Певец с большой теплотой и любовью относится к своим поклонникам, и эта любовь взаимна. Этот молодой исполнитель собирает полные залы по всей стране. А секрет - в его притягательности, душевности и большом профессионализме. Артист посетил с концертами уже более 120 городов. Неизменно все концерты проходят в очень уютной и тёплой атмосфере, на его концертах всегда живой звук и непередаваемые эмоции от профессионального исполнения. В Благовещенске Ярослав представит свою новую, сольную программу - «Я всю жизнь шел к тебе», где исполнит свои новые композиции и песни, которые уже стали настоящими хитами.

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МХТ им. Чехова г.Москва 2 ч.50 мин (1 антракт)

Все на этом свете вперемешку: горести и радости, безнадежное одиночество и семейные праздники, жизнь и смерть… Тонкий, щемящий спектакль режиссера Маргариты Брусникиной, поставленный по двум спектаклям В.Астафьева – «Полетный гусь» и «Бабушкин праздник»-посвящен памяти писателя.

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